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Agricultural Maintenance Service:

We shall be providing you Agricultural Maintenance services @ Rs. 50 per year per plant + applicable GST, under which we will be providing supervisory services including deployment of our trained manpower to provide day to day watering, fertilizer, growth monitoring, security etc to nurture your planted Mahogany Saplings upto its maturity period. A planted saplings is considered mature when it achieves its base diameter of atleast 4ft, Generally, a sapling of 6months takes atleast 12 years to reach this diameter when grown in proper way.


Land Leasing for your Plantation

We shall be leasing our land to setup your plant on free of cost basis in lieu of our right to claim Green attributes of this plantation on our land. i.e. We shall hold the right to claim carbon credit arising out of the plantation of your plant on our land and all cost associated with registration with the appropriate authority, securing CERS and obtaining the CERS on our name shall be done by us and therefore shall have exclusive commercial rights on issued CERS on account of your saplings being planted on our land till the time it is cut based on your instruction to sale as timber arises.